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Southern Development Corporation
Arkansas No. 1 Notary Bond Service

104 Main St. #B - Pine Bluff Arkansas 71601
APPLICATION FOR NOTARY BOND Bond Amount: $7,500; Term: 10 years; Price: $35
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The undersigned bond applicant, as principal of any bond issued as a result of the above application, agrees to completely indemnify Southern Development Corporation, the company, from any liability, loss, cost, attorney fees and expenses whatsoever which the company shall at any time sustain as surety or by reason of having been surety on any bond issued for applicant, or for the enforcement of this agreement, in the event of any payment by the company, the undersigned agrees to pay the company interest on such amounts at the highest legal rate from the date such payments are made.
By typing the words "I agree" in the space below and submitting this application form, I state on oath that I am the person identified by the information being submitted and that the information submitted is true and correct, and acknowledge acceptance of the above Indemnity Agreement.
Type "I agree" :
I, __________________________________________, hereby state on oath that the information hereon is true and correct, and hereby acknowledge that I accept the above INDEMNITY AGREEMENT.



Southern Development Corporation
104 Main St. #B, Pine Bluff, AR 71601
Voice or Fax: 870-534-6020

A Seal Rubber Stamp
This notary public seal rubber stamp is approved by the Secretary of State for use by notaries instead of the traditional embossing seal. This is the most economical way to officially seal your signature on the documents that you notarize. You will need an ink pad which is not included in the price.
B Q43 w R40 round imprint
Self inking rubber stamp to officially seal your signature on documents that you notarize. No ink pad required.
C 2000+ Printer 40
Self inking pocket size (15/16 x 2-3/8) rectangular rubber stamp to officially seal your signature on documents that you notarize. No ink pad required.
E Pocket Seal Embosser
This is the traditional seal used to authenticate your signature on documents you notarize. It creates a raised seal imprint for the most secure way to verify that your signature is authentic. Black and chromed metal with plastic engraved embossing plates.
F Impression Inker
Required to make embbossed seal legible on photocopy
G Desk Sign
Blue backround easel shaped acrylic with engraved white letters
Order Form
County of your Notary Public commission _________________
Commission Number (assigned by Sec. of State) ____________
Commision Expires Date ___/___/___
Completed Application For Notary Bond with signed Indemnity Agreement is required if ordering your bond by mail.
  Price Amount
Bond (Application Required) $35  
Shipping and sales tax included Qy Each
A Seal Rubber Stamp   $20  
B Q43 w R40 round imprint   $38  
C 2000+ Printer 40   $28  
D Stamp Pad   $5  
E Pocket Seal Embosser   $44  
F Impression Inker   $13  
G Desk Sign   $9  
H Replacement plates for E   $39  
J Replacement die B(1-5/8" diameter R40)   $18  
K Replacement die C(15/16 x 2-3/8 standard 40)   $13  
M Replacement die 3/4 x 1-7/8   $12  
Total (check, money order, Visa or Mastercard)

Shipping Address

Name _________________________________

Street Address __________________________

City _________________ State ___ Zip ______

Use this part only if paying by credit card

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Name  ________________________________
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     Month and Year

Date __/__/__ Amount $____


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Local Agent
Independent Insurance Agents of Arkansas SDC, an Arkansas Corporation authorized by Act No.304 of 1989, is the only general business corporation in Arkansas that is represented by Independent Agents. SDC has an agent in many Arkansas counties.

Professional Insurance AgentsIt is a belief of SDC that local Independent Agents can give more personal service to issue your bond and get you commissioned as a Notary Public.

To get your bond issued in person, visit the SDC Agent near you. Look up the name and address of the SDC Agent in your county.

Apply Online
Enter the correct required information in the APPLICATION FOR NOTARY BOND form.

Required spaces are indicated by an asterisk (*).

When you have completed the application form, read the INDEMNITY AGREEMENT and acknowledge that you accept the agreeement by typing "I agree" in the designated space. When you have successfully completed the form and click on "Submit" you will be taken to the payment screen.

The price of the bond for the full 10 year term is $35. After you complete payment the application information will be transmitted to Southern Development Corporation and your bond will be issued promptly. Your bond will be mailed to you on the same day if you submit the application before 3 P.M. on Monday through Friday; after that it will be mailed on the next business day. The application information will be used only by Southern Development Corporation for the purpose of issuing your Notary Bond and will not be made available to anyone else.

By Mail
If you prefer to mail a check for the bond, just use your web browser's print function, or click here, to print the completed form, execute the Acknowledgement with your signature, and send it with your check for $35 to

Southern Development Corp. 
104 Main St. #B
Pine Bluff, AR 71601

Be advised that sending an application that is incomplete or incorrect will just delay the process of issuing your bond. Your payment will be returned in full if SDC is unable to issue your bond in a timely manner.
Click here to print Notary Bond Application and Order Form